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Grape Vine

Grape Vine

Grape Vine



Temperature:  30-90 degrees Fahrenheit

There are probably three reasons why people plant Grape vines in their yard.  The first being as simple just to add a new look to your garden, secondly to eat the fruit it produces and third, my favorite beverage making.  No matter what the reason is, planting Grape Vines on your property can be a wise investment for your property. 

Grapes require heat so plant your vine where it will get the most sun.  Plant your free plant between October and February, in a moist soil that will provide good drainage.  Your Grape Vine will need frequent waterings in its first year to encourage healthy root growth.  Providing a deep watering once a week should be significant. 

Grape Vines can be easy to grow but protecting them from animals and insects can be difficult.  One thing to try is to plant a rose bush near the vines.  The insects, mildew and fungi seem to prefer the sweet smell of roses instead of your grapes. 

Your Grapes will only ripen on the vine.  As they ripen the sugar content will rise, so try a couple right off the vine to see of they are sweet enough.    Grapes come in all kinds of colors and varieties.  They are normally categorized by colors…white, purple, and green.  Green is the most common.  There are also seeded and seedless varieties.

Weather eaten fresh off the vine, pressed into a juice or made into wine, grapes are a delicious and decorative addition to your garden.  In recent years medical studies have suggested red wines have anti-oxidants that can help lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart ailments, I’m not sure how true this is but what a great excuse to have a glass of wine or two or three or a whole bottle.

Enjoy your Free Plant!


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